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Sean Looking at Leopold (blurb)
Leopold was everything.  Sun and moon, knight and king, lover and love-ee, the one who carried Sean and the one whom Sean carried.  He'd placed the stars, as far as Sean could tell, and then had promptly forgotten where they were and what they were called so that Sean could teach them to him.
:iconlady-crusaderkira:Lady-CrusaderKira 0 0
For my Watchers
I would just like to say
that everyone here cares about you
or would, if given the chance.
Here we care about murderers,
impossible things,
regular people,
We care about them all.
So please don’t believe
not for one second
that we won’t care about you.
:iconlady-crusaderkira:Lady-CrusaderKira 5 0
i see you sitting there in my mind's eye
it's been a long time since last we spoke
and in the long, drawn-out silence that is our newfound relationship
i find that i have forgotten your smile, your laugh, your very scent.
and all of a sudden
while in a strange place that is yet familiar to me
it hits me all over again
and i carry the smell of your presence with me for the rest of the day
because it has burrowed into my clothes, my hair, my skin
and i have not the strength nor the desire to banish it from them.
:iconlady-crusaderkira:Lady-CrusaderKira 4 9
Germany/Reader: Of Knife Blades and Life-Risking7
Gasping, you stared unseeingly at the German across the table, a ringing in your ears and a terrible feeling in your gut.  Your backpack, your planner, your laptop!  You had everything in that pack, everything!  To-do lists...addresses...the keys to your house...!
All at once you were on your feet, a sharp crack signalling your chair hitting the floor as it toppled from your sudden movement.  Ludwig looked up with wide eyes, worry clear in his face, but you were turning and stumbling...running now...out the door, down the hall, and onto the lawn of the hospital.  Your headache had returned full-force to slam into your temples, and your sore legs protested the strain, but you forced yourself on.  The phrase "Always returns to the scene of the crime" was dancing in your head to the beat of your pulse, adding to the knotting of your stomach.  You saw nothing but the twists and turns you had to take to return to the alleyway you'd been in only yesterday as your mind flew ahead to th
:iconlady-crusaderkira:Lady-CrusaderKira 2 8
Mature content
A Twenty-Year Bridge :iconlady-crusaderkira:Lady-CrusaderKira 59 46
Mature content
TRIGGER WARNING--SeanxLeo: Fight :iconlady-crusaderkira:Lady-CrusaderKira 0 0
Mature content
Moment of Impact :iconlady-crusaderkira:Lady-CrusaderKira 0 14
Goodbyes and the Way we handle them ((Sean/Leo))
If there was one thing Sean dreaded and loved together in equal parts, it was the end of the school year.
To see everyone running around and scrambling to get things done left him whirling in their wake, sympathetic to the worries and stresses of all the students--and, if he were being completely honest--especially his own.  Some frustrated him (the slackers, having left all to wait until the last minute) while some made him anxious (ambitious projects so often abandoned for lack of time to complete them in) and others filled him with joy and pride (the flustered movements of the seniors, and especially his seniors, trying to pull their lives together long enough to reach graduation).  He alternatively beamed with pride and tried to suppress tears the entire last week; the latter became impossible when the most advanced class he taught gave their final critiques of everyone's work.  To see them have come so far--he made a point of saving their first work in his cl
:iconlady-crusaderkira:Lady-CrusaderKira 1 4
Sick--Leo and the Writer
"Leo?"  Kira poked her head in the door.  "Hey Leo?  You've been awful quiet lately...I came to check on you."  She frowned a little as she stepped into his house.  She didn't like invading her creations' home lives--it had taken long enough to get them to leave her head sometimes--but she felt she needed to check in every once in a while.  Especially when she felt like something was up.  When Sean had called and said he'd been sent away, she knew Leopold wasn't himself.
Not finding a trace of him downstairs, she crept to the upper level, knocking on his bedroom door and softly calling his name.  A muffled groan from within told her to go away, so she shrugged and pushed open the door.
"Oh, Leo," she mumbled, seeing him under all the covers on the bed, a dull look in his glassy eyes.  "You got sick with me, huh."  He nodded, a shiver passing through him that could be seen even with all the blankets on him.
"I'm sorry," Kira whisp
:iconlady-crusaderkira:Lady-CrusaderKira 0 4
Sean sighed and slid out of bed, setting his book to the side.  He didn't like locking the door on Leopold, but Leo insisted that he did when he went to bed.  "It's not that much trouble to carry a key," he would grumble.  "I'll be fine, Sean."  Sean hated to do it, but if Leo insisted--and he did--he supposed it wasn't going to kill him.
Feeling his way down the stairs, Sean frowned to himself.  He should have brought a flashlight, he thought, but he'd only be down for a minute, so he supposed it would be all right.
That was the last thought he had before he missed the last step and fell down the stairs.
Sean collided with something that ripped the breath out of him, but it wasn't hard enough to be the floor.  Coughing a little, Sean probed the thing with his fingertips.  It was a person.  "L-Leo?"  The person under him groaned, shifting under Sean and throwing him off when he sat up.  Sean rolled away and stood shakily, calling Le
:iconlady-crusaderkira:Lady-CrusaderKira 1 9
Mean: SeanxLeo
Leopold sighed in relief as he walked into the house.  It had been a long, long day at work; he was looking forward to seeing Sean, having a short dinner, and drifting off to sleep.
"Sean?" he called, setting his briefcase on the counter and undoing his tie, tossing it on top.  "Sean, are you home?"  Silence met his ears, and Leo began to worry.  Taking a deep breath in an effort to keep calm, he began systematically searching the house.
It didn't take long for him to find Sean's form in the living room.  Something was wrong, though; his shoulders hunched, giving a sense of frailty, and every once in a while a whimper or a sniffle would escape him.
Leopold slowly approached him.  "Sean?" he murmured again, gently putting a hand on his shoulder.  Sean shrunk away, sniffling again.  "Sean, what's wrong?"  Leo moved around the end of the couch and sank onto the cushion next to him.  "What happened?"  One hand made its way up to
:iconlady-crusaderkira:Lady-CrusaderKira 0 8
Secret Santa Gift~
Max was very excited.  His family was blurring past him, dancing all around him, trying to prepare for something large and important.  Max didn't quite know what was going on, but it was beginning to smell delicious in the house, all kinds of lovely scents floating around and making his mouth water.  
He ran around eagerly, helping as best he could, checking that everyone was getting their jobs done.  It seemed like they were, but he couldn't possibly take the chance, because it seemed like whatever was happening really was important.  Looking up at his family, he made happy, excited sounds, spinning around as he tried to keep everyone in sight all at once.  They were in and out of the kitchen, though, running around the house.  A great big green thing was set up in the middle of the living room, and the people closest to Max's height were hanging all sorts of things on it; shiny things, grimy things, painted things, and paper things.  Something
:iconlady-crusaderkira:Lady-CrusaderKira 2 6
Weeping Angel x Unknown
She had been alone for so long that it was impossible to know her name.  No records existed from a time so long gone; she herself had long forgotten.  All that penetrated her skin was hunger.  At one point, she'd felt it all – fear at what she was, horror at the things she'd done to survive, and the confusion that came with changing multiple times in a day from flesh to flint and back again.  If she'd been able to feel anything besides hunger, it would have been the loneliness that defined every Angel.  It was the last feeling to surface, and it had been the longest to endure.  No one spoke to her, apart from the grieving who mistook her for a being of purity; no one saw her, really saw her; no one touched her except for her many victims the moment before they were gone forever.  It was an empty, barren life, and if she'd been capable of thinking such thoughts, she would have wished for it to end.  The hunger wouldn't have allowed for her to try it if she'd wanted it in any case.
:iconlady-crusaderkira:Lady-CrusaderKira 5 15
Doctor Horrichu :iconlady-crusaderkira:Lady-CrusaderKira 5 2
Death and Dying.2
A car door slammed and the sound of running footsteps squelched through the mud.  The running figure paused in the rain, trying to see through the nasty weather.  Seeming to find what it was looking for, the figure changed course, veering off to the left, weaving through waist-high obstacles.  It called out--a male voice--looking for someone, looking for-
The broken noises drew the man on, faster and faster, until he saw the young man bent over, kneeling in the mud, his forehead and his arms braced against the ground.
The running man slid to stop, trying to keep his footing, and collapsed to his knees.
He wrapped his arms around Sean and pulled him up, pressing him up into his chest.
"Shhhhhhh..." Leopold murmured, rocking Sean slowly.  Sean's arms came up and his fingers wound stiffly into Leo's suit, sobs ripping their way through his vocal chords.  Leo noticed a bouquet of water-soaked, mud-ruined flowers by his side; his eyes flicked to the gravestone and
:iconlady-crusaderkira:Lady-CrusaderKira 0 7
Dancing Fever
Carlisle Cullen smiled, enjoying the crisp chill of the winter air.  Things had been going well recently; he was getting better and better at controlling his bloodlust, and as a result, he felt so much less...monstrous.  The change in how he viewed himself had made everything around him brighter, more vibrant.  Life seemed to be more like life again and less like pergatory!  Carlisle took a deep breath, savoring the sharp spike of winter air in his lungs.
The one thing that he did still feel was lonely.  He hated the long nights, the indistinguisible days, and the years which sliped by as fast as sand through an hourglass, yet dragged as slowly as silk over sandpaper.  He wished to find someone to pass the time with...yet he was not yet quite comfortable with his control.  While he felt comfortable enough to smile at the hospital now, there was still a noticible relaxation in his demeanor when he walked into his apartment.  That being the case...
:iconlady-crusaderkira:Lady-CrusaderKira 2 146


A Day In The Sun (Thor on the team) :iconkneel-to-maria:Kneel-to-Maria 3 1 Giving Mimikyu Love :iconlightningstrike83:LightningStrike83 15 4 Crowley :icontio-trile:Tio-Trile 289 22 Drawing Challenge Day 6 :iconlillagon:Lillagon 3 3 Morwen + Cats :iconfishcapades:fishcapades 217 98 Dealing with dragons part one :iconzzanthia:Zzanthia 1,094 107 Lorien's leaf brooch :iconlaurefin-estelinion:Laurefin-Estelinion 166 26 leaves-clasp :iconlaurefin-estelinion:Laurefin-Estelinion 115 24 Music-of-the-rain :iconlaurefin-estelinion:Laurefin-Estelinion 1,380 255 Rey's Wrist Cuff and Belt (Star Wars: Episode VII) :iconsvetliy-sudar:Svetliy-Sudar 38 6 Assassin!Germany x Reader - Abducted | Part 10 :iconjayalltheway:JayAllTheWay 142 109
Assassin!Germany x Reader - Abducted | Part 9
The glow of torches illuminated the path before you. You didn't know where you were going but your feet seemed to have a set destination. You recognized the hall you were in to be part of the catacombs where Ludwig's room was found.
You briskly walked passed his door and headed for an unknown location. You turned down one hall and noted a white star painted on the wall. Turning down another corridor, a white circle was painted on the wall as well...
“Wait,” you thought. “I've seen this before...”
Your feet guided you down familiar dark hallways and passed painted symbols until you reached the ebony door with the white leaf. Like the time before, you gathered the supplies you had needed from the room but this time you grabbed additional things as well. You took a bucket and placed three distinct herbs into it; one was grey and long, the other, jagged and orange, and the last, wide and purple-ish. With a cooking pot taking up the use of both of your hands, as w
:iconjayalltheway:JayAllTheWay 136 86
Assassin!Germany x Reader - Abducted | Part 8
“Berwald is the one friend I have down here and you send him away,” you scoffed and turned away from Ludwig. “You're unbelieveable.”
Your mind was crossed as tight as your arms, your index finger eagerly tapping against your forearm. He had gone and done it again, made you angry. You wondered if he was capable of evoking an emotion other than fear or anger from you. The idea seemed impossible.
“I didn't have a choice...” the blonde sighed. “Berwald is one of zhe best assassins down here, und since I couldn't go on zhe mission I suggested him to my bruder instead.”
You said nothing in reply, only anger boiled in your stomach. When had Ludwig planned on telling you that Berwald would be gone for three weeks? If you hadn't have noticed the Swede's absence of his daily visits, you wondered if Ludwig would have informed you at all. The only reason he was telling you this now was because you had caught on and were brave enough to ask about it.
:iconjayalltheway:JayAllTheWay 119 73
Assassin!Germany x Reader - Abducted | Part 7
“Jou are being quiet, älskling” Berwald noticed. “Are jou feeling well?”
You were doing your usual sewing routine with Berwald. What had happened between you and Ludwig the previous day remained fresh in your mind as you stitched a shirt much slower than you usually did. You kept your [e/c] eyes focused on your hands the entire time, which was something you never did when Berwald was around. Whenever he came to guard you, you two would normally converse but today the platinum blonde had noticed that your mind was on something else – it was especially pronounced on your face.
The man saw that your brows were furrowed. He thought that perhaps you were angry but upon taking a closer look, he saw that you were... solemn. Berwald felt his heart tighten with grief at the realization, although his face did not show it. His expression remained cold.
“Do you think I'm pompous?” your voice cut through the silence like a guillotine.
:iconjayalltheway:JayAllTheWay 115 94
Assassin!Germany x Reader - Abducted | Part 6
It was always quiet now. Ludwig's room had been silent since he had taken you to the execution room six days ago. There were no more idle conversations, no more requests. You didn't even dare ask for food anymore. You would simply let Ludwig bring you your daily necessities whenever he felt like it, and even if you were extremely hungry, you thought it best to keep your mouth shut.
Something had changed; you were no longer as confident as you had been before. You had been blind and assumed that just because you were the “all mighty priestess of Baemin”, you were invincible. But you were oh-so wrong. What Ludwig had subjected you to in the execution room gave you the biggest wake up call you could have asked for. What he had done just proved that you were like everybody else; a normal human being – no more and no less. Just because you had a royal title did not mean that you had any superiority, not down in the catacombs anyway. You had come to realize that a ti
:iconjayalltheway:JayAllTheWay 104 54
Assassin!Germany x Reader - Abducted | Part 5
Ludwig opened the door to his room, only to be greeted by a noticeably angered priestess.
“Vhat's the matter?” he asked as he closed the wooden door behind him. “Vere you expecting someone else?”
The routine was the exact same with each passing day; hostility was high between you and Ludwig and in turn you both tended to avoid conversation all together. The most you would communicate to him would be a few sentences along the lines of “I need to go to the bathroom” or “I'm hungry”. Unless it was for basic needs or necessities, you rarely spoke to Ludwig and from what you could gather, it didn't bother him whatsoever. You noted that the man was truly an introvert.
“Doesn't make him any less of a jerk, though,” you thought.
Your fingers played with the pendant around your neck as the assassin went about his business. After about a week of fervent begging, Ludwig trusted you enough to untie your hands. He gave you free reig
:iconjayalltheway:JayAllTheWay 99 35


Hello, everyone! /pauses and nods slightly at the echoes/ That's all right. It's been a while, hasn't it?

In the interim, I have (in no particular order)...

--Begun my senior year in college
--Become addicted to Strange Magic, Jupiter Ascending, and some other stuff
--Gotten an AO3 account
--Done my internship
--Become the campus library's social media person
--Met the Sixth Doctor (!!!)
--Continued on my path of utter fuckupery

...and so on. It's been a wild ride, you guys, and I'm happy to say that I am back a different, better, much-improved Kira, but with the same heart you always knew. :)

Things to expect:

--Photos from my ceramics class (!!!)
--Photos of my cosplays (???)
--More writing as I share between my fanfic and AO3 accounts
--More art as I force myself to forge on (???)

Anyway, I hope to be around a bit more. I'm also going to clean a little--save some journal entries but delete them from this site. Some are important for people to understand my process and writing but a lot of them will go. Same with some of my writing. I dunno. I want this place to be something I can proudly show people, both strangers and people that I know, and right now I AM proud of it...I just don't know if I would share it to anyone and everyone without a care in the world. Should that be a goal of mine? I'm not sure. Anyway, here I am, and here I hope to stay. DA was one of my first ever sites and I remember with great fondness all the good times I had here, the friends made, and dramas and struggles I survived because I had this place. I don't want to leave and I really don't have plans to. ♥

I also want to tell you all how much I love you.  I lost someone else this summer, unexpectedly...he was in my class and my classes and was just such an incredible person.  Water holds a new terror and sadness for me and I don't think I can ever be the same.    

RIP Devin.  
Someday I will see you again and be blessed to hear your jams once more.
"Band was hard without you today. I was so happy and jazzed to be there and making music, but a part of my heart was breaking and I couldn't look at the back. I feel so bad for the freshmen who are here and have no idea why we are all crying inside, who never got to know you and how amazing of a person you are. Your musicianship was and is top-notch and I'm sure you're having incredible jams in Heaven. I hope you looked down on us today and smiled a little as some of us squeaked and missed notes and didn't count properly. We were trying our hardest and that's what always mattered to you: the heart
. Anyway. I was going to message this to you but FaceBook won't let me. Perhaps it describes how someone else is feeling, too. We love you, Devin. We love you so much."
  • Listening to: The soft whirring of my laptop
  • Reading: Fanfiction. So much fanfiction.
  • Watching: Strange Magic. Again.
  • Playing: At being an Adult.
  • Eating: Too much applesauce and chocolate.
  • Drinking: Water and milk. Separately. Don't be nasty.


Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
It's my second time writing one of these from scratch, and I still don't know what to put here. xD Maybe someday!

Hello there! :wave: My name around these internet-y parts is Kira. :3 Welcome to my page! :heart::hug:

I'm a Lutheran-brand Christian. :) I would love to debate you, if you wish, but you had better keep in mind that if you start by insulting my positions, it's not going to work out well for you. :)

I look older than I am, or so I've been told. I love attending classes, even though I no longer go with all of my friends. :'( But that's okay, we keep in touch here and elsewhere. :) And of course, I have many new friends here, too. :)

I play the clarinet, once played piano--I still drabble in it--and I am looking to learn both the ocarina and the violin. :)
I speak American English, mediocre High German, and I know a handful of words in Japanese, Italian, French, Spanish, Russian, and Norwegian. :)
If you ever meet me in person, it is likely that I will break into very random spurts of the above languages. And sometimes accents. :D

I'll play pretty much any sport or game you can offer up. :) I am competitive and love to be around people. ^ ^

I'm absolutely in love with so many fandoms that it is absolutely ridiculous. XD I sing like my heart is breaking, drink in shows and movies like it's going out of style, and read as if I will lose my precious ability to comprehend the written word any moment.

I am a writer, a painter, a drawer, a carver, a fighter, a lover, a crafter, a weaver, a pirate, a ninja, and an absolutely abnormal girl. :) I am fearfully and wonderfully made!


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If you have points to spare and you wish to share with me, here's a handy place to do that. :3 They can be because I'm a cool, classy creature, or because I did something nice for you. :) If you donate and I //haven't// done anything nice for you, I probably will! :D Anon donations will go towards more of my own personal artwork / writing. ^ ^

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